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Fence Chargers and Fence Charger Parts

Fence Charger



Trust Securepets for a full line of Fence Chargers and Fence Charger Parts. Electric Fence Chargers  emit a shock on the fence when the wire is touched.  Smaller 'specialty' units are effective at protecting flower beds, ponds, or gardens from pets or small animals. Standard and solar chargers are generally used to contain horses and livestock, or repel deer or other large animals.

Our newest line from Silver Streak features a Modular Design that makes it simple to service your own charger ... simply snap out the old part and snap in the new!  And you can count on us for spare parts whenever you need them.  All our chargers are equipped with indicator lights so it's easy to see that the fence is fully operational. When a fence fails, it is of utmost importance to get it back in service ASAP.  Many of our customers stock their own parts and then order replacements as necessary so they can affect repairs immediately.

We also stock a complete line of replacement parts for FiShock, Silver Streak and SACO fence chargers.

Silver Streak
Solar and Other
Silver Streak Super 250
miles - Continuous

Silver Streak 20 Mile
20 miles - Pulse

Silver Streak Super 50
50 miles - Pulse - Low Impedance
Parts Interchangeable w SACO-50

Silver Streak Super 100
100 miles - Pulse - Low Impedance - 6 Joules!
New Model - Silver Streak Super 100 - Most Powerful Charger on the market!
Most Powerful Charger Available!

Silver Streak Super 12
25 miles - Low Impedance,
12V Battery

Silver Streak AC/DC
10 miles - Low Impedance,
6,8,9, or 12V Battery
or 110V AC power


Electric Fence Lightning Arrestor

Electric Fence Lightning Diverter -  NEW Awesome!


Fence Charger Parts 


Silver Streak Solar
25 miles - 100 Acres -  2 Joules
Low Impedance
12V Solar

Solar Power Fence Charger

Electric Fence Light

Electric Fence Indicator Light

Carri-Lite Portable MINITURE Corral

Portable Corrals

SACO, Silver Streak, Zareba and FiShock REPAIR PARTS (Click Here )



Fence Charger Parts - Transformer
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